Saturday, June 19, 2004

The 1 Gb fairytale, and more..

It's quite a fairytale story. About a month back I had around 30-40 Megabytes of email web space, if I included the 3-4 accounts that I more or less frequently visited, with a couple of them reminding me that I'm getting full. And in just over a month I suddenly have over 2000 Megabytes of space!

Gmail still is in Beta, and is giving login problems. Yet, in the past month it has proved how powerful it is. Rediff has effectively entered the market before Gmail, but seems to have committed the one and only mistake - like the bomb squad guys. Quite frankly, I do not really believe what Rediff claims, they cannot give that much space. And the fact that inbox doesn't even open now on Rediff only produces more smoke around the fire. With Google still in Beta, and even Yahoo just going to 100 Megabytes, I really have reasons to suspect Rediff's claim. And if those claims are false, God knows what happens of Rediff next.

Anyway regardless of what the truth is, the real fact is that the users are in an absolute win-win situation :D I really pity those guys, who over a month back, might have shelled out a few dollars to get around 5-10 Mb more of email-space! :P

Google rocks!



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